Get Involved


Teens need adults they can be honest with, learn from, and connect with. These positive role models can offer them a new perspective and a new outlook on their future. And the memories truly last a lifetime. 
HeartLove Place is excited to announce that we have partnered with Young Life. Young Life is an organization that presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a relational and incarnational manner to teenagers so that they may know Jesus and follow him.  
From now through August, we are looking for Milwaukee-area adults who can volunteer their time to mentor Milwaukee-area teenagers as part of a 2-year program. Adults will work closely with teenagers and volunteer leadership teams to build relationships, attend and participate in weekly club meetings, weekend outings, summer camps, and fellowship.  
Young Life also offers many opportunities for adult leadership trainings, meetings, and retreats. Adult volunteers will be trained by an area director and senior team leader, have regular fellowship with area and team leaders, and will themselves be challenged to grow spiritually.


  • Demonstrate the unity Christ prayed for the night before he dies (John 17), so that through this togetherness the world might know that he was God. (Greatest Apologetic)
  • Weekly contact work at the school throughout the school year
  • Monthly contact work outside of school throughout the school year
  • Weekly club meetings 3 months out of each semester
  • 3-day weekend winter camp
  • 5/6-day summer camp
  • Weekly discipleship group meetings
  • Potential mission trips
  • Monthly leadership meetings
  • Bi-annual Mission Community Conference
  • Outings for area fellowship  


  • Have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Have an ability and desire to communicate with teenagers
  • Be involved in a local church
  • Be willing to make a two-year commitment to ministry  
If you reflect Christ in word and deed, and aim to live above reproach with humility and respect, we’d like to discuss this opportunity with you. Please fill out the information request form or give us a call at 414-372-1500.